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“The beaches of the Pagasitic gulf is crystal clear”

Story: Helen Khan
“The beaches of the Pagasitic gulf is crystal clear”, repeat on all the tons of the vice governor of Magnesia, Dorothea Κολυνδρίνη, on the occasion of the confusion…
that has been created on the suitability of bathing waters on the coast Koropi. Yesterday, by order of mr. Κολυνδρίνη, workshop of the Directorate of Health, proceeded to new samples from this shore found in the “crosshairs” and in accordance with the first indications that there the waters are crystal clear.
Yesterday, the call center ΤΑΧΥΔΡΟΜΟΥ received dozens of phone calls from residents and visitors to the area, and was asking if it is safe to bathe. “I can take my grandbaby and go for a swim in Koropi it?” ask a pensioner, who visited the offices of the ΤΑΧΥΔΡΟΜΟΥ in search of valid information on the quality of sea water.
The results, published in the PAKOE, and present the waters of the coast Koropi as unfit for swimming, they created confusion to residents and visitors of the county. “The coast in Koropi last Sunday, it was empty. Tourism and professionals have suffered totally in vain,” said the TACHYDROMOS mrs Κολυνδρίνη.
The same repeats in all the tones that the waters on the coast of the Pagasitic gulf is crystal clear.
“What saw the light of publicity is irrelevant. The directorate of health is the main competent body for sampling. The sampling took place in all the coast, the escort capability of the Central port Authority of Volos and in accordance with the provisions of the Law. In accordance with the Law, samples are taken from many different parts of the beach. The samples are sent for processing to the regional public health laboratory which is a state, a valid and accredited, and for the suitability of the water signs ruling the same the governor. What could be more official?”, stated categorically mrs Κολυνδρίνη.
She noted that to dissolve, and the last doubt is there, yesterday ordered the directorate of health and the team moved on to new areas sampled in the coast town of Koropi, in order to establish the suitability of bathing waters. “The first indications that we announced is that there is no problem of microbial burden. The official results will be out Friday and will give it publicity. The world should know the truth”, underlined mrs Κολυνδίνη.
The same featured unsubstantial results of the PAKOE. “The samplings are made on the basis of what is laid down in the Law. Not like everyone wants. And the processing is performed in certified laboratories. Even if we find microbial burden, the Law stipulates that repeat sampling in the space of 15 days, prior to a decision about the appropriateness or not of the waters. Not one NGO to take samples from wherever he wants, as he wants, taking whatever results he wants, or considers herself more sensitive to environmental issues. With what scientific knowledge is? Where is authorised it? And in which laboratories send the samples? Everyone is judged and bear the responsibility of what she’s saying,” noted the same.

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