The beach of Greece that at one end has cold water and at the other hot

No matter how much you travel to Greece, you will still find yourself in front of pleasant surprises, especially those that concern the Greek beaches. Whatever you prefer, you will not find it difficult to find it on the vast coastline of our country.

One of these beaches that have impressed us, is a beach which at one end has cold water and at the other very hot to hot. The reason for Loutra beach in Kythnos. A special beach and famous on the nearby island of Athens. An island worth visiting even for a weekend. It is one of the nearby islands of Athens that you can go with cheap ferry tickets.

Loutra beach in Kythnos, therefore, has the peculiarity of being able to swim in cool waters but also to relax in hot spas. The beach is located in the homonymous settlement and you will not have any difficulty in approaching it.

So there, when you arrive you will see the sandy beach and you can enjoy the shade of the trees if you do not have an umbrella. What steals the show, however, is on the right edge of the beach. In fact, a small natural pool has been formed from stones where the water is hot and thermal.

It comes from the thermal springs that have existed in the area since antiquity. The water comes out hot and becomes hot as it joins the sea waters. The experience is unique and it is no coincidence that you will see people sitting for hours in the water and enjoying it.

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