The bad relationship the couple causes depression and heart disease

The fights and the tensions faced by a couple in marriage create serious problems in women’s health…
According to the study, which took place in Utah, USA, and included 276 couples with an average age of 54 years, the depression and the metabolic syndrome are more frequent in women and not in men, when there are problems and tensions in their marriage. Participants lived with an average of 27.5 years, and the scientists found that both women and men, at risk of suffering from depression when their relationship was characterized by arguments, aggression and bickering.
However, in these cases, experts observed that women had a greater risk of developing metabolic syndrome. Scientists have pointed out that the prolonged tension creates an increase of stress hormones in the blood and deregulates blood lipids and insulin with risk of the person to develop diabetes.
Women are affected more than men from the states of stress, anxiety and conflict because it is more sensitive. If this is added smoking, and poor diet, then the situation becomes more dangerous to experience a cardiovascular problem.