The attacks in Belgium have led the Transport minister to resign

The minister of Transport of Belgium Jacqueline Galan resigned after the… accusations made against her by the opposition that ignored the reports pointed to “serious deficiencies” with regard to the issue of security at airports in the country, announced today the palaces of Belgium, confirming information that had been broadcast earlier in the belgian news agency Belga, quoting official sources.
The resignation of the Galan was accepted by the Belgian king Philip, said parallel and the prime minister Charles Michel, according to Belga.
The pressure on the Galan in parliament had increased with regard to the allegations of serious safety deficiencies on the airports of Belgium before the terrorist attacks of 22 March, in accordance with the belgian public network RTBF.
Three weeks after the attacks, those with the 32 dead, the aim of which was the Brussels airport and the station of the belgian capital, the Galan had come in a difficult position, after the refusal that he had received a report from the European Commission noted already by April 2015 that the services did not have sufficient financial resources to make the inspections required at airports.
However, the minister had denied then the head of the ministry of Laurent Ledoux, who resigned also yesterday, noting that he had warned the joint chiefs of Galan and had asked in vain to be given the additional resources to airport security.