The Athens and Epidaurus Festival: More than Just a Festival

Known by a number of different names, the Athens and Epidaurus Festival is a yearly event that brings together people and culture from all over Greece. Entering its 52nd year, the “Hellenic Festival”, or just the Athens Festival, was established in 1955 in order to bring together music, theatre, and cultural events. Events at the festival are staged in Athens at ancient venues which create an awe inspiring, historical backdrop: The Odeon of Herodes Atticus, two venues at the Epidaurus and the Lycabettus Theatre. Recently, new venues have been created in the area, and the organisers are hoping to broaden audience numbers so that more people can experience the events. The festival also plays a key role in promoting the work of young artists. In addition to music and theatre, there are also showcases on dance and collaborations between different artists. The event runs through the summer, meaning tourists will have plenty of time to see what they’re interested in at the events. The organisers of this event are hoping to rival other European festivals which draw big tourist numbers from abroad. The “Greek Festival” also provides workshops for those artists and performers attending – organisers hope to broaden the knowledge and skills of everyone in attendance. In addition to workshops there are art installations, performances in many different languages and conferences held each year. At one time the festival was not popular with Greeks, but now the festival has experienced a makeover – making it popular internationally and at home as well. Now, hundreds of events are hosted, and young and old alike flock to the sites for music events, artwork and more. The Athens and Epidaurus Festival is more than just a festival – for many it is a gathering of minds over the summer that showcase culture from around the world. As well, the beautiful and historic location in Athens means there is inspiration in the air for all who attend. Aside from the exciting festival, visitors will find that Athens is a city of culture and entertainment for everyone. With 148 stages and theatres around the urban area, there are more opportunities to see a theatrical production in Athens than anywhere else in the world. As well as theatres, Athens is home to a number of charming outdoor, open air cinemas that play a historical importance in the city’s history. World famous talents have been showcased in these theatres throughout time. No matter where you are in the world, it is good to know that frequent flights to Athens will take you right to the action surrounding the Athens and Epidaurus Festival. But often the most difficult part is deciding what aspect of the festival you wish to explore first.

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