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(Title) Those who uncertainties and gray areas you been pending at the end of judicial inquiry for “works and days” of the golden boys on the ERT, one thing is certain: The fetid odor emerging from the scandal, which come one after another on the surface will not leave any Greek-paid from the pockets of public television, to strike; albeit belatedly, is tied by the State party of patronage ERT relations of surplus workers, sinecure, the wretched of contract, gross sinners producers, gratuitous contracts to donors, committee-monkey with exorbitant fees, the extremely expensive contracts with EAE and depletion in type Panigirakis Eurovision? looking for the ERT ypaitious.I of lawlessness, which never fails to produce scandals, looking persistently responsibilities of trustees for several years, chiefly responsible for the erosion of prices and of course the demise of the wide impact to the society and of course the advertising market .

The Attorney Panagiota lens, which has made the case for three months, is preparing to issue its findings and of course to bring charges. And even a degree felony.
Already by the Office of the Military Academy seem to have gone over 120 people including current and former officers, employees, suppliers, manufacturers and other witnesses.
Anomoti received (without oath) allegedly gave the former president and CEO of ERT, now managing director of Sky Christos Panagopoulos, a former television director and now vice president of FC Panathinaikos Dimitris Gontikas and Nikos Kourtis, Director of Satellite ERT World.
The 3 above have been invited in his capacity as a witness, but the prosecutor asked not to swear, and so reserves the right to bring charges against them.

four years ago, the then Deputy ERT C. Houliaras recommended to the Board the award to company-specific project planning and execution of production of the show for the Thessaloniki Song Festival because it was the lowest bidder. The Board accepted the recommendation and under his 790/28.9.2006 no decision was directly on the AU Bug Stage shows, at a cost of 231,961.04 euros plus VAT for deviation of the billing amount to a percentage of 20%.
The award was made, according to complaints, illegal, because under the Rules of Procurement of ERT requires prior contest and economical technical opinion of the Committee, after the project was to provide services rather than artistic work, such as “baptized” by the decision of the Board. The outrageous, but where is that on 28/09/2006 that the decision of the Board, the company did not exist (!) Had been created on 11/10/2006 by Decreto No. 3841/11.10. 2006 contract, the notary Urania Short, 14 days after the decision of the Board of ERT.
The question is if there was prior research of what companies could offer the services required to take bids from which these companies received offers, how he got the offer from ERT bogus company and how they appreciated the experience and specialized knowledge personnel nonexistent company awarded the contract;

Another file will be added to the voluminous “file “ERT. The case concerns the hiring of legal counsel (see Board 769/1.5.2006) Athena Balomenou. According to reports, the complaint has been referred to the substance of illegal recruitment and based on Article 52 paragraph 3 of General Staff Rules of ERT, which states that “a lawyer appointed by decision of the Board lawyer who was promoted to Supreme Court at least five years ».
Sources report that when they hired a lawyer had not completed the 5 years, which took place in late September 2006, five months after recruitment. Noted that recruitment was the recommendation of the then President of ERT, Ch. Panagopoulos, who either knew the shortfall in qualifications and did; blind eye or did not know and committed the offense of misconduct.
What does the comparative advantage of Eastern Balomenou which led to the appointment of the ERT 8200 per month and later with 11,000 euros? The number . 208/26.4.2004 decision of the then Minister of State Theodoros Roussopoulos on 03/15/2004 appointed special assistant position in the political office.

On 20/2/2006 appeared both as a lawyer and as a proxy, agent and representative of the minister and his wife, M. Zacharias, the No. 12561/20.2.2006 contract of a notary Mr. Stavropoulos, which the couple bought two apartments Roussopoulos 183.10 m and 66.80 m and a warehouse in Psychiko over 720 000 euros.
With No. 1715/15.5.2006 (FEK/142/25.5.2006/t.G) decision T. Roussopoulos revoked the appointment of the political bureau and “saw” be appointed as legal adviser to the ERT to offer its services to the President and the Board, which participated M. Daskalakis (Managing Director – Treasurer DL) and D. Zakynthos (strain ND and friend of Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis).
Also, M. Daskalakis held and the position of Chairman of the Committee on Feasibility of ERT, which decided on all supplies.


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