The actress is dead. Good.

Actor Good left life, as announced earlier today (08.03.2024) by Spiros Bibilas. The news of Good Good’s death made known by Spiros Bibilas with his social media posting. “She left a while ago, from us, today when it is the day of the woman, the wonderful Good the protagonist of the inspection of the decades 40 50 60 with such a turbulent life marked by shocking events as she mentions in her autobiography “what the wind has taken”, with social struggles, with intense trade union action in the association of actors and Tasey. During the last ten months with the energies of TASSEI and myself who honored me with her friendship she was transferred to the nursing home of Athenians where all the staff treated her from the first moment with a lot of love and care and for this we thank them warmly through our hearts for all the social work they perform with such responsibility. Have a good trip, sweetheart…” he wrote about it.