The 3 things you need to avoid in order to raise mentally strong kids

    Parenting is quite a difficult case, and given the multitude of things and situations in which…
    children are exposed to, the effort to prevent a parent from coming to harm is quite difficult, as is trying to provide experiences that lead them to become a durable, strong and hard-working person can sometimes seem like an insurmountable challenge. This has as a result parents are advised to consult an unlimited number of books for parents, something which seems to be causing even more confusion.
    Never before have parents had so much information about parenting, and when sometimes I was so nervous.
    Nobody said that parenting is easy, and raising mentally strong kids is even more difficult. However, there are three things we know do not lead to mentally strong children, which are:
    1. To the para-caress parents.
    No one wants to see his child suffer. However, when the parents go to extremes to protect their children from everything, in the end they suffer. Children who are taught that when life is tough, someone will just take the responsibility of changing the rules, you will be able to put you in an easier class if I don’t manage to greater, you persuade the teacher to give them less work or more time to execute, you will come to a rupture for those with the coach, and, ultimately, will make even the tree trying to climb up smaller, not only to learn as adults not to believe in their abilities, but their abilities don’t seem to matter.
    Why is it that when we don’t leave children to struggle enough to develop the skills they need to overcome the difficulties, we have faith neither in those nor in their abilities. It can be difficult to see, but the difficulties are part of our life and it is this that gives us the opportunity to grow. And no boss has not reduced ever the workload of the workers, because they seemed to find it difficult.
    2. To be told constantly that they are “extremely” children.
    Most things are mediocre, some things are good and few things are really excellent. If parents say to their child that what they do is a famous and extraordinary – from a picture of themselves that looks like a stick until the correct way of running on the football field – don’t learn what is really extremely good and what is not. On the contrary, when everything is excellent and great, there’s no difference in what they are doing because the answer is always the same. The children raised in this way they learn not to try because it makes no difference and there is nothing for which you should try. Parents who don’t take the time to teach their children what is truly extraordinary – and who can’t afford to tell their children that it is extremely good (and that’s just good)- have children who do not get time to fight for something, because I don’t know what it is anyway.
    3. To protect them from reality.
    The reality is harsh as is life. And the truth is that no one is going to out the other. And no one should. However, when children are constantly protected from reality – everything from the replacement of games that are broken for the seventeenth time to the illegal act for which the parents called the authorities – they learn that the rules don’t apply to them, but neither is the reality.On the contrary, they make their own rules, and expect others to follow them. And not only this does not work when you then try to get in the professional sector, apart of course from the case of working for their own parents – but it doesn’t work or in relationships – unless they’re involved only themselves, which is hard in a relationship.
    The truth is that raising mentally strong children are supposed to be difficult – just like the kids. However, when one spends too much time and the necessary energy that is required – and choose the hard way, regardless of difficulty, be able to show them exactly what is called the difficulty and thus effort.