The 12th Athens Half Marathon was a celebration for all ages

With great success was the , in which more than 21,000 runners participated, with Nikos Stamoulis and Anastasia Marinakos having the best performance and scoring Panhellenic records. The 12th Athens Half Marathon began at 9:00 in the morning of Sunday (10/03/24) with several runners participating, thus creating a special note in the center of Athens. What does a 20-year-old have in common with a 78-year-old girl? Both can be found at the starting point of a route and end winners, since the victory at each run event is in attendance. People of all ages, from different generations, were found in a common starting line at the 12th Athens Half Marathon, crossed their limits and proved that the road did not look for years! With the participation of 21,000 runners on the route of 21 km, 5 km OPAP as well as the Family Run, the SEGAS event was crowned for another year with great success and renewed the appointment for the following year. OPAP, the Grand Sponsor of SEGAS, gathered the best screenshots from the event, starring runners of all ages, who confirmed that the Athens Half Marathon is a celebration for all. Actions and surprises from OPAP As the biggest supporter of Greek sport over time, OPAP was on the side of runners with many actions. Dj’s musical choices at the intersection of Bucharest and University Streets, as well as Quilombo percussion team at the intersection of Academy Street with Queen Sophia, gave the pace to participants. At the same time, two interactive arches made the route even more enjoyable. In fact, after the end of the race, he waited for the OPAP Running Team a delicious surprise at the OPAP booth in Syntagma Square. Mailo’s: The Pasta Project, participating in the OPAP Forward program, offered runners free pasta to regain their lost powers. At the same time, Anassa, also owned by the OPAP Forward company network, offered high quality drinks from Greek, biological, aromatic plants. The OPAP booth became another year of attraction, for both runners and all visitors in the center of Athens. Those who were there had the opportunity to take commemorative photos with their loved ones in the impressive 360 photobooth that existed in the area and also to be informed about the principles of the Responsible Game.

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