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The 10 best places for a royal stag or hen party (The Newsroom)

Santorini Island, Greece
Greece islands
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The 10 best places for a royal stag or hen party (The Newsroom)
The Newsroom – 16 December 2010 | By Suemedha Sood Where Prince William and fiancé Kate Middleton will stage their stag and hen parties has been the subject of much speculation. For William, murmurings of his plans suggest anything from a shooting weekend …
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Temple of Athena Aphaia, Aegina Island, Greece

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(High Definition – English version). Touristic Video Guide. Producer: Dimitris Theodorou, (DT Productions). Narrator: Brad Willoughby. Editor: Yiannis Christodoulou, Music: Nikos Katsanos, Graphics: Nikos Dekoulis, Cameras: Kostas Agiannitis & Dimitris Fassakis, Director: Kostas Agiannitis. Rhodes, The Island of the Sun Rhodes lies 270 nautical miles from Piraeus and is surrounded by the islands of Simi, Tilos, Chalki and Alimia as well as rocky outcroppings like Tragoussa, Drossonissi, Prassonissi and others. It has an area of 1400 sq. km. and a coastline length of 220 km. The land is by and large mountainous -the highest mountain is Attaviros with 1215m. height-, with small plains, verdant ravines and river beds, valleys and plateaus and long sandy beaches. Island of Rhodes has always been a major attraction for tourists from every corner of the world. Whether you like, nature, night life, Culture, History (Rhodes is where Colossus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world once stood) or if you just want to get-away from it all for a while, and get a bronze-like tan, Rhodes island has it all. The continual sunshine -an average 300 days of sunshine a year- and the mild climate make the island suitable for viticulture. Its superb climate, the fertile soil and the geographical position are the main factors which have made the island densely populated from antiquity up to the present. Its population today is around 90000 and they are able to host more than 1250000
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