That the Photograph destroys the update

    Leader of the hostile effort of the dissolution of Greece, mr Tsipras rolls out shamelessly… the strategic design, woven over decades in order to welcome him at the last moment to reap the heads of the Greeks, their lives and their souls.
    Dissolution of the economy-investment in Any healthy Greek company fell one by one and arranged in banks until it closes. Foreign investments were expelled with the appropriate “games” and as many as were able, after labors and suffering to operate shall be suspended and take their seats in Luxembourg and Bulgaria. Suppression of any new effort in the bud and chains zombie in the retail sale of impairing entrepreneurship, missing the right moment.
    Disappearance of the middle class with an initial swell of contraband money and eventually went bankrupt with merciless taxation. The same for the agricultural production that feeds the people and gradually turned into a vast orgy of intermediaries at the expense of people and farmers.
    Kit of the young from the old-age pensions through the view of the standstill and lock-in the old and corrupt generation of the Polytechnic university.
    Enforcement of the proven forever failed model of communism, with offer for free supply and mess for the addiction of the people in allegiance, in the idleness and in the avoidance of individual creativity.
    Control of the public administration at all levels, political leaders, church, armed forces, justice, education, health with a choice of dependent persons by substances and passions, constantly εκβιαζόμενα, reduced performance in basis for the demolition of the gate having a Member.
    Domination of the economy of black money, smuggling of drugs, oil, cigarettes and people within Greece and the Aegean waters for the addiction of society to the payoff of the fonts of the darkness.
    Propaganda through καταχρεωμένα media perfectly controlled finances, raw materials,content and dependent owners, based εκβιαζόμενους with classical methods and the main view of the issued homosexuality or the uneducated, as a condition of success and social advancement.
    Atheism as a symbol of faith, with a submissive clergy silent observers of the degeneration of the Greeks.
    Political cartel for the entrapment of the Greeks in abstinence and a change of personnel προσκυνημένων to the destruction of Greece. Capture each new choice of the Greek parties and persons μεκλασικές methods of carrot-and-stick. Parties disposable for εκμαύλιση ideologies.
    Inaction in the Greek armed forces for their degradation and the silent acceptance of the situation with the humiliating concession of sovereignty without firing a shot, without being hunted, a smuggler of our lives.
    Disclaimer the choice of the head of Tsipras and fold in each and every defeat of pretending to be instantaneous until the new blackmail, such as repeatedly going on a daily basis anymore
    The final aim of the international isolation of Greece, the breaking of alliances, the transformation of the society and a pariah State and the dissolution of summarily.
    This is the central policy of the para-state of Greece, of the international organized crime that rules the Greece, who serves faithfully and daily, SYRIZA and ANEL just as they have done and the previous governments in the παρελθόνενταφιάζοντας the lists of shame. The λίσταLagarde!
    Asked hope, requested vision, and it is primarily the Leader of the resistance, the democratic counter-attack, exploiting the wealth of Greece for the benefit of the Greeks. At the expense of κολαούζων of Alexis Tsipras. The φιλοτουρκικής and γερμανοϋποτελικής and ενδοτικής policy.

    There is no Greek to mess with Goliath or Greece will drown in the Aegean sea, waiting for Theseus?…