Thanasis Patras: I thought that from the show I was expelled by Andreas Mikroutsikos

He gave his own answer to the revelations he had made regarding his removal from the show “That’s what we lacked”. Thanasis Patras, in statements he made today (09.03.2024) on the camera of the show “Hamzela again”, said about: “I thought then that from the show I was kicked out by Andreas Mikruccicus. When I heard his explanations, I accepted them. But he had to tell me in private then. We had an extraordinary relationship, and I was waiting for him to tell me. That he may have been pushed or embarrassed, I respect that. I have nothing to break up with him. We have been there since but we never discussed it.” The presenter, asked about the “cave” between George Liaga and Vangelis Perris said: “I didn’t like it at all. He was on the verge of rudeness. Especially for Vangelis who is a man with arguments. Vangelis never just says a few things to become titles. He deserves to articulate a speech. If Liagas would let him say what he wants and speak afterwards.” Finally, he was invited to comment on the inconvenience of Iliana Papageorgiou to journalists: “Everyone has the right not to talk to reporters if he doesn’t want to. It’s one thing to choose not to talk to journalists and another to be critical or to speak badly. It bothers me now what’s going on with Dalara. Cameras must hunt down those who are at the heart of public interest because they did something bad.”

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