Terrifying prophecy of Baba Βάνγκα for World war three!

Prophecies about the World in a report by the Russian Security Service…
The prophecies usually occur in periods of crisis and move between συνωμοσιολογίας and fantasy. What happens, however, if prophecies are included in reports of security services of very powerful countries?A new report circulating in the Kremlin, and was presented three weeks ago at the Russian Security Council (SC) by the Directorate of Internal Security of the Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB) reports that great fear and tension has been created in the country due to some prophecy, according to which imminent biblical disaster in Europe.
This disaster is connected with the fact that last month the American Military has signed some contracts with 17 companies, including some large multinationals. These are contracts through which the U.S. Army will secure $ 900 million, which will be spent for logistical supplies and support services to laboratories, in order to extend the studies regarding biological and chemical weapons. According to the report, which arrived at the Kremlin, just two weeks before the shocking announcement of the scheme Obama in January, on the extension of the possibilities of biochemical weapons of the united states, president Putin ordered the publication of a critical paper of the Federation of National Security, in which attention is drawn to the fact that there are expansion projects in various plants for the production of biochemical weapons of the U.s. Army, in the territory of countries adjacent to Russia, with the result that today they constitute a strategic threat, not only for Russia, but for the whole of Europe. “The new massive expansion of the american program for the development of biochemical weapons in Europe during the presidency of Obama”, features mentioned in this report, “coincides, in a strange way, with the so-called “refugee crisis”, in the course of which countless number of muslims have flooded Europe, and through which have benefited many traffickers, earning more than 5.7 billion dollars.” “That which has recently created great fear and disruption to a large part of the population of the Russian Federation”, the report explains, “is the concern that, if these new plans of the Obama administration to increase the development of biochemical weapons combined with the current massive invasion of muslims in Europe, these two events together will justify a terrible prophetic saying of the famous Baba interpretation vanga (grandmother, Evangelia, 1911-1996), a little before her death. , which warned that the 2016 will invade in Europe muslim extremists .