Tempy: Syriza testified to the Supreme Court his conclusion on the railway tragedy

He testified to the Supreme Court his finding on the accident in the . “Everyone must take their responsibilities”, stressed, among other things, in their statements the four members of the main opposition party outside a courthouse. The main opposition finding on the train accident in Tembis handed over to the Supreme Court prosecutor, Georgia Adeline, where four SYRIZA-PS MPs came in at noon, members of the House’s committee of inquiry into the tragedy. This finding states that the railway tragedy is not only due to human error, but there are also criminal responsibilities of political persons including former Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Kostas Ah. Karamanlis. In their statements, on their departure from the Areopagos, the four MPs of SYRIZA (B. Kokkalis – Al. Avlonitis – D. Kalamatianos – G. Sarakiotis), stressed that they submitted their findings on the railway tragedy in order to pass on to the previous interrogator conducting the interrogation on the Tempes case. Finally, they pointed out that everyone must contribute to the effort made by Greek Justice and that everyone must take responsibility.

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