Tempe examination: ND’s finding approved – Opposition reports registered

The proposal of MPs – members of the New Republic, as the outcome of the committee of inquiry into “the investigation of the crime of the Tempes” was adopted. In the ND’s finding, which was adopted by majority, minority opinions will also be included. With the approval of this finding, the work of the Committee of Inquiry into the causes of the railway accident of 28 February 2023 was completed. The committee’s conclusion, together with the relevant evidence, will be submitted to the House’s plenary session, while, in accordance with the House’s Rules of Procedure, and on a proposal from 60 Members, the conclusion will be on the agenda for discussion. The rapporteur of the majority. L. Tsavdaridis said that the findings of the ND MPs do not bring back the 57 dead or erase the mourning to their parents and relatives, but we hope that they will offer a ray of comfort to all of them, and a sense of cleansing, to the collective memory of our society, helping Greek justice to do its duty in the best way. Because apologies, however, are not enough, Mr. Tsavdaridis said, pointing out that, since the first moment of the tragic accident, the ND and the government have taken on a number of initiatives to clarify its circumstances: She quickly set up an administrative committee to draw up an expert opinion, took immediate measures to support the families of the victims, and facilitated by her immediate actions, independent justice, and to the highest extent, in order to start controlling criminal liability. Above all, however, he consented without delay to the proposal made by the opposition, namely the Communist Party, for the establishment of a committee of inquiry, which, as a government, he proposed that the parliamentary minority should have the last constitutional review. And in fact, Mr Chavdaridis continued, “he accelerated procedures in order for the committee of inquiry to invite and examine dozens of witnesses and to gather a large number of documents in order to then draw up the conclusion […] which we hope will greatly help the work of justice.” “As members of the South West, we fought to help with speed and effectiveness in searching for clear answers. It was a matter of honor. Not only because a case should be solved with undivided respect for the memory of requests but because the whole process had to be conducted in a way and in a time that would leave no suspicion of cover-up,” said Mr. Chavdaridis, noting that “we had to shed light on the shadow of questions without leaving any room for anyone, in the name of petty party expediency, to distort and to destroy the truth, asking for rash convictions, lured by absurd rumours, conspiracy theories and popular courts without any proof, and for the sole purpose of party exploitation. Such tactics, unfortunately, were not missed during the committee’s work. But surely they were not able to influence the production function of the committee, nor, of course, to obscure the particular usefulness of its conclusions,” said Mr. Tsavdaridis. It is noted that in the findings of the ND, it had been found that “if the rules of the General Regulation of Movement had been strictly observed the accident would not have occurred.” We expected the theory of human error on the part of the ND, but it is sad “to close eyes, to responsibilities of political persons,” said the rapporteur of SYRIZA-PS V. Kokkalis: It is sad that they close their eyes and do not have the courage to articulate two words about double crimes, namely the first crime to cost the lives of our 57 people and the second crime, immediately afterwards, that of the deterioration of the crime scene,” said Mr. Kokkalis. The MP of SYRIZA also reiterated his party’s proposal “the committee of inquiry with an interpretative statement, to clarify its position that for crimes of omission in the exercise of ministerial duties responsibility is regular Justice, as with regard to Article 86 Constitution and the protective grid for acts carried out in the exercise of ministerial duties, it does not appear that the failure to implement due legal action is also included.” PASOK-Movement Member Milena Apostolakis said the Committee of Inquiry will be listed as an organized cover-up of Tembe crime: The decision and mandate to implement the cover-up was given by the Prime Minister and the Maximus Palace, who consciously chose to rule out the in-depth investigation and protect associated political figures. His political responsibility is double said Mrs Apostolakis and continued. It concerns the famous final state which during his four-year first term did not ensure the existence of an integrated signalling and telegovernment system, due to the failure to complete the 717/2014 contract, which is in direct causal link to the Tempes tragedy. However, it also concerns the later methodization of the cover-up: the mandate for the bust and the mandate for the bust and orchestration of the cover-up of those responsible during the work of the examination, stressed the MP of PASOK, M. Apostolakis. The Communist Party’s initiative to set up a committee of inquiry helped not to forget the crime, and it brought to light many and essential elements, not only of political but also of criminal responsibilities, stressed by the Member of the Communist Party, Nikos Karathanasopoulos. If this KKE initiative did not exist, it is most likely that the crimes would have been buried, as all the urban parties that ruled in recent decades are well aware that they have serious responsibilities for this tragic incident said Mr Karathanasopoulos. He even recalled that, although the proposals for a pre-interrogation recommendation tabled by PASOK and SYRIZA, were based on the European prosecutor’s case-file for financial damage to the EU since its implementation, and not for the very criminal incident in Tembis, the KKE “supported these two proposals too”. As Mr Karathanasopoulos noted, during the work of the examination, the enormous political responsibilities for the situation in the railway and its security were confirmed, but criminal responsibilities of political persons, namely all transport ministers, as well as others, either through their actions or through significant omissions, undermined the safety of the railway, thus accepting the possibility, if not by predicating, of the evolution of the particular Tembon crime.” For an attempt to intercept the course of the committee of inquiry by the majority, the Member of the Greek Solution, P. Sarakis, spoke, adding that, unfortunately, many members of the committee functioned on purely party criteria. He also noted that under the responsibility of the majority the committee was deprived of access to crucial documents of the documents under the form of petitions and that it was not allowed to examine material witnesses such as Mr. Karayannis, Panagiotou and the CEO of Aktora. Mr. Sarakis said that the political leaderships of the Ministry of Transport, from 2012 onwards, along with the actors of railway companies and the relevant contractors “have the corresponding criminal responsibility and should be brought before Regular Justice”. We will not participate in your ritual, said N. Iliopoulos on behalf of the New Left. If the committee is to complete its work today, it will be the best proof that we are talking about a committee which has since been set up for a single reason, the cover-up, said Mr Iliopoulos. At the same time, he spoke of “truth” on the part of the majority, which he considers – as he said – that no security system could prevent the accident, as the Prime Minister had stated on 5/3/2023, that if telemanagement had been completed this accident would have been effectively avoided. Mr. Iliopoulos also referred to a measure of public opinion, according to which eight out of every ten citizens do not trust the House that it is trying to shed light, and that this is something that the majority has achieved. The MPs of KO Spartans P. Dimitriadis, KO Niki N. Vrettos and the independent MP K. Floros asked the committee to clarify that “for crimes committed by political persons, omissions in the exercise of ministerial duties, regular Justice is responsible”. They added that, if this position is not accepted by the majority, the proposal for a unanimous recommendation setting up a pre-rogatory committee on all the offences mentioned above should be examined with regard to the ministers concerned. The MP of the Freedom Sea, El. Karageorgopoulou accused the majority MPs of seeking to gag both the party and its head, Zoe Konstantopoulou. “In the face of the Greek people you have murdered the dead again, among these true flowers of Greek society. You have injured the wounded of the tragic and unprecedented Tembe crime again today. You have certainly armed everyone’s relatives in strengthening the struggle for life to justify those unjust, unjust and violently denied the right to life. In your well-known unscrupulous manner, you are blackmailing the publication of a finding, trying to impose it, by methoding from the beginning of today’s work of the committee, in a blatantly abusive, unethical and criminally insidious manner, the glamour of the Freedom Sea, said Ms. Karageopoulou, returning on the one hand Mrs. Constantopoulou’s intention to participate in the committee’s work and on the other hand to apply for an exemption from the Committee’s Bureau. – What? In the vote that followed, the MPs, each in favour of the outcome issued by their parties, while the MEPs of the Communist Party, KO Spartans and the independent K. Floros stated that they were calling for the continuation of the committee of inquiry, while the Freedom Free Sea opposed the completion of the process. At the beginning of the meeting, the chairman of the committee D. Markopoulos thanked Members for their contribution to the work of the examination, which lasted 4 months, with over 180 hours of meetings, with many of these meetings holding 11 and 12 hours daily. Mr Markopoulos said that an exception to the work of Members, there were “the outside parliamentary ethics and practical situations, mistrials, harassments, and all that is a disgrace to parliamentaryism, which we experienced today, by a former president of the Greek Parliament, now president of a parliamentary party […] We all understand the trade in grief, the gravel and the “political opportunity” that Mrs. Constantopoulou saw,” said Mr. Markopoulos. He even spoke of threats and bullies of Mrs. Constantopoulou to an electrician of the House and the secretariat of the committee, while referring to the President of the Committee’s Bureau, Mr. Markopoulos said “and we have every right to take any further legal action.” – .

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