Telephone fraud in Magnesia: He gave 8,000 euros to a man he first saw

Her completed and the unlucky man slowly understood the trap she had set against him. What he revealed… Telephone fraud in Magnesia has become a topic of discussion in the Rizomylus region. The perpetrators framed their victim, a man who picked up the phone and was convinced his son was involved in a car accident. He panicked and did everything the crooks hoped for. He collected all the money he had at home, made an appointment at a pharmacy in the area and delivered it to one of the members of the spiral. He then understood his mistake, but it was late. An effort is now being made by police officers to locate the perpetrators and in this context, images from security cameras in the area are being examined. Victim of fraud fell a man to the Magnesia Rizzomyl and lost 8,000 euros from one moment to the next. As he denounced himself speaking Saturday morning at a Volos radio station, an unknown caller called him and told him that his son was injured in a car accident and needed 30,000 euros to operate. The passion, overwhelmed and while hearing a voice of his alleged injured son, offered to give 8,000 euros, because he had no more. The unknown con man agreed and soon afterwards passed through the village and in front of the pharmacy, received from the sufferer the 8,000 euros and disappeared. According to, the victim perceived the fraud shortly after and denounced the incident to the Police.

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