Taiwan: Shocking Videos From The Moment of Great Earthquake · Global Voices

They take the breath away the videos that come from and which have recorded the moment of the great that struck the island. The earthquake in Taiwan occurred at dawn Wednesday (03.04.2024) and has caused much damage in various areas. Some buildings collapsed, while others have taken a dangerous slope. Scientists have reported that this is the strongest earthquake that has hit the country in the last 25 years. Fears are expressed that there may be trapped in some buildings that have collapsed and already started investigations by rescue crews. The report so far is 4 dead and 711 injured. The videos coming from Taiwan are shocking: The passengers remains combined and brave, with no signs of panic. — Narendra Khuntaliya ( Rooftop swimming pool during the Taiwan earthquake — Md.Sakib Ali (@iamsakibali1) — Jatinder 🇮🇳 Kamboj (Jeetu) (@jeetography) Respect Mother Video: A Taiwanese driver stopped their car during today’s earthquake and observed river water saving back and forth. The underwater earthquake occurred at 07:58 (local time; 02:58 Greek time) at a depth of 15.5 km, located near the eastern coast of Taiwan, according to the weather and seismological service of the island. It was a power greater than 7 points (7.5 Richter). The most serious material damage has been recorded in the city of Hualien, a port of 100,000 inhabitants, capital of the sparsely populated county, where two buildings “probably” collapsed by trapping their tenants, according to Taiwan’s fire department.