Syriza’s finding on Tempes finds criminal responsibilities to Kostas Karamanlis

Responsibilities to the then political leadership of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport for the railway accident of 28 February 2023, are blamed on their conclusion to the Committee of Inquiry into their crime, its Members participating in the committee. Analytically, according to the summary of the finding: The whole Greek society and the families of the victims require sincere, transparent responses and accountability, to prove who the real culprits of the Tempes tragedy were, both the natural persons, for whom justice has been dealt with, and of course political persons for the performance of the responsibilities of the House, through the committee of inquiry. In the first place, we stressed as the Opposition Officer that this is not “human error” alone. Syriza-P. In a sense of responsibility he acted from the outset in the direction of revealing every aspect of crime, both the causes that led to it and the actions that followed. Proof of this was our proposal to all parties in the democratic arc, to endorse a common finding, which was rejected for micro-political reasons by their parliamentary groups alone. The findings of Syriza P.S. – after identifying criminal responsibilities of Mr. Karamanlis Constantine of Achilles, Karayannis George of Christos (then Deputy Minister of Infrastructure) and Mr. Triantopoulos Christos of George, but also talks about the need for criminal investigation into the failure to implement the Convention 717/2014, suggests the most clear and honest proposal. The Committee of Inquiry in an interpretative Statement to clarify its position that crimes committed by omission in the exercise of ministerial duties are responsible for regular Justice, as with regard to Article 86 Constitution and the protective grid for acts carried out in the exercise of ministerial duties, it does not appear that the failure to implement due legal action is included. The consistency and importance of this Statement by the Committee of Inquiry consists in the fact that regular Justice will do its work undistracted by calling all political persons, either as witnesses, or as suspects of committing criminal offences on the one hand, but also the political system will shake off the veil of cover-up that exists today in the case of the Tempes. As Syriza-P. We ask and propose that this interpretative declaration be voted unanimously. Further according to the confirmed conclusion of SYRIZA-P. There were strong signs of criminal offences being committed by Karamanlis Constantinos, namely the violation of duty, the disruption of security of transport, homicide with the possibility of fraudulent serials, physical damage of serials. The main omission of the former Minister of Infrastructure and Transport consisted in the fact that while he was the only institution to establish National Security Rules from 14-10-2019, the date on which Law 4632/2019 was published under the European Directives 2010/797 and 2016/798, however, he never did so until the date of the accident (28-02-2023), and this omission was made in conjunction with the clear knowledge of the non-existence of minimum safety rules by the extra-judicial nuisances of the OSE’s Driving Association, from the 06-09-2021 letter of former CEO TRAINOSE Philippou Tsalidis, who warned of “serious incident”. Furthermore, he did not simply fail to introduce national security rules, while he knew that the word “security” was absent from the Greek railway, but urged the passenger public to trust the Greek railway by criticizing the Officer Opposition to the Parliament (in response to the question of MP SYRIZA-P. Alexander Meikopulou, saying in saying “it is a shame that you are putting security issues”. At the same time, the restoration of the electrical side-signal in the Larisa – Thessaloniki section (and consequently in the section under consideration) was never carried out. Larisa – N. Resources), which had been out of service since July 2019, after the fire at the Telecommunications Center of Larissa in the position ‘Zahari’, energy that had been done, would have prevented the fatal accident. It should be noted that for the former Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, George Carayannis, who had the direct supervision and responsibility of infrastructure projects for ERGOSE, there is no need to lift immunity or any other action as he has not been elected a Member.