SYRIZA “sees” political motivation behind the investigation for the company Kasselakis

With a particularly sharp announcement his president responded to the issue of the Protodika’s investigation into his company in America, saying “send as many prosecutors as you want”. “In contrast to the giant fortunes of those who govern us, my income in the US is all taxed. Until the last dollar – until the last euro” said Stefanos Kasselakis of SYRIZA. The president of SYRIZA even posted a video on social media in which he says that Greek Justice “has the fastest reflexes in the world, when he undertakes to target me for the loan I gave to my party so that the workers don’t get unpaid on holidays. From my earneds in the U.S., not from bags of businessmen.” And “Greek Justice has the slowest reflexes in the world: When he has to investigate the crime, the bust and the cover-up in Tempes. When he has to investigate Predator and the illegal surveillance of Maximus. When he has to try the cases of every ordinary citizen who is looking for his right without a means and a “plates”. For the essence of the case, we should mention that sources of Koumoundourou said that there is no issue from where did you go about Stefanos Kasselakis, since until now he lived and worked abroad. The first time he’ll ever do is 2023. The president of SYRIZA himself has spoken about his company saying that he did not know that extra-parliamentary executives are required not to have companies. It is a legal company taxed in Miami with 50%. That is not some offshore or extra-territorial company. SYRIZA executives believe that political incentives are behind the control of Stefanos Kasselakis’ company. The first has to do with Anna Michelle Asimakopoulou’s prosecutorial prosecution, which is related to the leak of the e-mails of the expatriates and the second with the fact that the latest polls show the main opposition party recovering and being re-published in second place. Meanwhile, and on the occasion of the Prime Minister’s visit to a supermarket in order to determine whether the measures brought by the government, SYRIZA sources said: “The prime minister of the government who for five years blesses the profit and profits of the companies against the citizens, went to the supermarket and saw lower prices. He celebrated a few reductions when most basic food products have increased from 30% to 136% said SYRIZA executives were characteristically adding that only in the last three years based on ELSTAT data olive oil increased 136%, sugar 57%, lamb 54%, vegetables 49%, heating oil 47%, potatoes 44%, cheese 40%, gas and fuel 36%, bread and milk 33%, meat and eggs 30%”. They also said that “Kyriakos Mitsotakis dared to refer to the most basic product, infant milk. He was admiring that he managed to reduce his price from 15–20% when the Competition Commission had recently demonstrated that it was selling up to 213% more expensive than the lowest price in the EU. The partners of the president of SYRIZA were still referring to indirect taxes – VAT – put on by the government saying: “The Prime Minister went along with the Minister of Prosperity, Mr. Skreka, to the supermarket in thieves. It went morning – morning before they filled with people and talked about reducing taxes when what breaks households is indirect taxes. Over the days of his government indirect taxes broke the 60% barrier. When 10 years ago it was at 54%. As for VAT revenue, EUR 23,385 million. Seven billion more and compared to 2021, VAT revenue, which “increased by 40% from 2021, 7 billion euros above.”