SYRIZA: Predator’s list of goals has become a “ball” between ADAE and the Supreme Ice

On the occasion of the sanctions imposed by the U.S. on Intellexa, SYRIZA even invokes two current (10.03.2024) reports in the press to point out that his concerns are being verified “that the list of Predator’s goals has become a ball” between the Authority for the Protection of the Privacy of Communications and the Supreme Court’s Public Prosecutor’s Office”. Specifically SYRIZA reports: “On the occasion of the sanctions imposed by the US against Intellexa and its shareholders, the SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance asked in the middle of the week to proceed with the month-to-month pending intersection of the Personal Character Data Protection Authority’s list with the 92 confirmed targets of Predator, with the corresponding liaison data of the National Information Service located in telecommunications providers. In order to demonstrate whether the same persons who were victims of Predator had been placed under surveillance by the NSA. This, as has been mentioned, is the most critical pre-interrogation action to certify the joint monitoring centre. Two revealing publications at the Step of Sunday and Kathimerini come to verify Syriza’s concerns- Progressive Alliance, as they confirm that the list of Predator’s goals has become a “ball” between the Communications Privacy Assurance Authority and the Supreme Court Public Prosecutor’s Office. According to the two reports, the list has already been in October 2023 in the office of Vice Prosecutor of the Supreme Court Achilles Zisi, who within the five months that have passed has not promoted it back to ADAE to run the intersection to telecommunications providers. Judicial sources invited to comment on the development at the Sunday Step argued that “in the investigation there are no delays, but need to take into account all the data of the case and the legal issues created.” Since the prosecution is still in the process of taking all the data into account in the case, Syriza- Progressive Alliance wants to remind us that the House has not yet been informed by Foreign Minister George Gerapetritis about the Affidavit conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 15 months ago and concerns how and who were granted permission to Intellexa and Krikel for the illegal export of Predator outside Greece. Furthermore, the Parliament has not been informed by the Prime Minister, who has the supervision of the National Intelligence Agency, of how Intellexa was found in March 2022 to make corrections to a draft Memorandum of Cooperation that the ICS was to sign with the relevant agency of Northern Macedonia for cybersecurity (OTA) and especially where this draft is located, which according to reports that have not been refuted, was notified to the then Governor of the ICS, but also to the office of the Prime Minister. SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance will insist that plenty of light be shed on the wiretap scandal, which continues to tarnish the country’s international image. This also results from the downgrading of Greece in the non-liberal republics, in the international ranking of The Democracy Report which establishes the internationally renowned V-Dem Institute of the University of Gothenburg.”

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