SYRIZA: Mr Mitsotakis is rightly concerned – nothing will remain unanswered and nothing will be unpunished

For perseverance in the cover-up of the “Tempe crime” he blames the Prime Minister, he in a statement and adds: “He did the same with the wiretap scandal”. SYRIZA notes that in his speech in Thessaloniki Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis “did not even find a word to articulate on this issue, which is the main reason for the European Parliament’s condemnation of our country. It hurts Mr Mitsotakis this resolution, he is hurt by the 330 votes in progressive Europe.” He then responds to what the Prime Minister said about the “business activity” of SYRIZA-PS president Stefanos Kasselakis. In particular, it states: “The only thing that surprises us is his audacity in the legal business of Stefanos Kasselakis. Unusual, obviously, in the course of self-made people who are taxed normally and are able to prove how they acquire their property legally and transparently, he resortes to the method he knows well from a family tradition: the clutter of his political opponent! Method, which he considers to be, can help him rally his party audience, which begins to turn his back on him, disappointed with accuracy, the capping of a crime and the arrogance of power.” Continuing the attack states: “It is revealing, however, that Mr Mitsotakis considers that the law of SYRIZA 2016 forbidding political persons to have companies abroad, was done to hurt him personally. Whether it refers to the company SCI Personal Ventures, owner of Voltaire’s famous property which he had been hiding for years from his background. Whether the House is used to legislate for him and his friends.” As far as Mr Kasselakis’ business is concerned: “Stephenos Kasselakis, like all expatriates candidates, apparently kept both activities and assets abroad. Legal, taxed and transparent. No law says that to run for office one must first sell all its assets. This, as virtually anyone can understand, would bring the expatriate candidates to an unfavorable position and would be contrary to the principle of equality. For the information of Mr Mitsotakis: the President of the SYRIZA PS will normally make a statement from where, as required by the law, which he will certainly respect. So don’t worry! Or rather rightly he is concerned: Nothing will remain unanswered and nothing unpunished.”

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