SYRIZA: Joint statement after the 1st round of dialogue between Greece and Turkey raises questions

“The Joint Statement of the Deputy Foreign Minister Mrs Papadopoulou and her Turkish counterpart after the end of the 1st round of the “Politic Dialogue” Greece – raises questions about how the Mitsotakis government perceives foreign policy,” says the Greek government in a statement. Syriza points out that the Joint Declaration states that Greece and Turkey “repeated their joint commitment to exploit the existing positive atmosphere, according to the Athens Declaration. It is surprising what positive atmosphere the government sees when Turkish challenges continue, with the violation of our territorial waters by a Turkish coaster in Imia, the publication of Turkish NOTAM including Zurafa in FIR Istanbul, as well as the provocative statements of President Erdogan from Smyrna.” He also underlines that “the government must immediately inform the National Delegation if it agreed to include in the Political Dialogue the exploratory talks, placing them for the first time in a political context.” “SYRIZA-PS calls once again on the Mitsotakis government to promote a structured national strategy with a start in middle and end in Greek-Turkish, instead of dealing with them in the light of its internal correlations, its micropolitical interests and the doctrine of the “given ally”, concludes Syriza’s announcement.