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(Title)  Independent MP now the 56 year old man Psarianos Gregory, journalist, music producer, who was elected by ballot of SYRIZA elections in September 2007 and October 2009, speaks of the “Step” for withdrawal from the parliamentary group and the need, says “Renewing the Democratic Left, to which I belong to redefine the space and the character of».

– Why the Left is constantly degraded;

«It is a congenital pathogenesis. And not only in Greece. Due to the belief that they are the only known the truth, ideological purity and that sort of thing … In Greece we have about 132 left-wing groups, large and small. Some consist of five persons and not talking to each other ».

– Marx ‘lives’?” Yes, lives Marx. But … turning in his grave. Marxism is a tool, not a gospel. Where is the gospel begins bigotry which is known to be damaged. Pictures, candles, incense, symbols, etc. ».

– Even says independent elected left-wing;

« Yes, certainly. I was at the party machinery for 15 years, 30 years ago. Remain left. And as said Savvopoulos, “I’m PASOK, KKE am not, I am what I am and what I sing for you” ».

– In what political power can Renewing the Left have facilitate communication;

«You must first accommodate all anentachtous left, those who can not withstand the suffocation of the dogmatic Left, the obsessions and obsessions of gkroupouskoulon and lethal liberalism of PASOK. And the issue, as I said from the year before in the CR of SYRIZA is not whether we’re going to PASOK and KKE, but where to go, what program, what they are. The Tsipras said that the conference, but two years late and whispered a left-Europeanism, but very slowly. In elections last year we went with trilingual ».

– A matter of conscience or resign from the important seat, as raised by Mr. Tsipras;

« That was his mistake. People vote people, not lists. People know what everyone thinks. Furthermore I did not changed to what I say, sliding SYRIZA absurdities in the press to leave SYRIZA Members of the Parliament or not to go the chairman of the Conference of Heads of VMs with Papoulias or withdraw the Greece of the EU is not agree and support such nonsense. Tomorrow the 27 components can decide that we should take the fyseklikia us to get to the mountain. Some even close, although not quite the rage in the mountains …».

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