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Symbolic visits Mitsotakis to Lesvos – “To shield the Armed Forces” (pics)

In Lesvos was found Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis who after his visit to the Port went to the 98th Higher Command of National Guard Battalions, to the temporary structure in Kara Tepe, but also to the General Hospital of Mytilene “Bostanio”. The Prime Minister, during his tour of Lesvos, visited the temporary KYT in Kara Tepe and was guided to the structure by the Minister of Migration and Asylum Notis Mitarakis and the Secretary General of Reception of Asylum Seekers, Manos Logothetis. Kyriakos Mitsotakis was informed about the operation of the structure and the projects in progress, starting with flood defences. He also had a conversation with local actors, in which he recalled what the situation was previously and what it is now.
“We said we were going to close Moria. We certainly did not expect it to close like this, as it finally closed, but any obstacle for good,” said the Prime Minister, and commented that the new structure is much better than the one that existed in Moria and “are in it certainly far fewer than how many were a year ago”.
Click4more: Mitsotakis from Lesvos: Soon the Integrated Maritime Surveillance System – The “thank you” to the Port (pics) Referring to the site for the construction of a new permanent structure in 2021, Kyriakos Mitsotakis noted: “It was also a joint agreement with the President of the Commission that we will find a location where everyone – or as many as possible – of the local actors will agree. I am pleased that this has been achieved and I think that we will now run the competition procedures so that we can go into a permanent structure, much better than that, to give the permanent solution that we had committed to.”
At the end of Last November, more than 1,200 unaccompanied minors were in moria’s KYT, most of whom were staying in tents in the area outside the Centre’s boundaries. Today, in the temporary structure of Kara Tepe there is no Unaccompanied Minor, as they have all been transferred either to accommodation structures in the hinterland or to Countries of Europe through relocation programs, while 20 Unaccompanied of the last arrivals are in temporary custody in a hotel structure in eastern Lesvos.
“To shield the Armed Forces”
He then visited the 98th Senior Command of National Guard Battalions, in Lesvos, heard from the military band the traditional New Year’s Eve, as well as local carols, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.
“It has been a difficult year in 2020, but through the difficulties we have come out stronger, more united and I believe more committed to the goal of shielding the Armed Forces in a meaningful and intelligent way. So that you do, you can never question their deterrent power. So again I wish you all the executives of the division a good year, with health above all else,” said The Prime Minister.Kyriakos Mitsotakis made special note of the important role of the Armed Forces in the distribution of the vaccine throughout the country and in their contribution to the effort to carry out more rapid testing, through the platform.   
“I want to thank both the Chief and the Armed Forces and the support they provide in dealing with the health crisis, and the Armed Forces are involved in this great effort which is being made at the moment, whether we are talking about tests being carried out in the form of rapid tests, in many camps at the moment such rapid testing is taking place. I always encourage everyone on the platform, rapid test is free for all and for everyone. And of course for the support that the military provides for the supply chain, in terms of the distribution of the vaccine – a very complex and difficult exercise.
I’m going to have a chance now at the hospital in Mytilene to talk about it. It turns out once again that the footprint of the Armed Forces goes above and beyond the core of their mission and is a pillar of stability for Greek society as a whole. So again good year and all the good,” said Kyriakos Mitsotakis.
“Leave behind the adventure of the crown”
The Prime Minister’s tour of Lesvos ended with a visit to the Hospital of Mytilene, which was reinforced by 57 recruitments of doctors, nurses and auxiliary staff.
“In 2021 it will be better to start vaccination and gradually leave the adventure behind us. But it was an opportunity to look a little at the chronic weaknesses of the system because the health system will be here and after the pandemic and it should be more powerful. So thank you very much,” stressed the Prime Minister, who then visited the vaccination centre and made a special reference to the need to convince those who are currently sceptical about the vaccine. Addressing the health workers, Kyriakos Mitsotakis said: “Your example you know is very important, because when the health workers themselves are vaccinated and do so willingly, enthusiastically and convincingly, they also convince those who may still have reservations. Because right now society is divided into three: They are the ones who have said they want to do it, they are the ones who can be convinced, they are sceptical, they say ‘see the side effects’, I understand them and we have to convince them, and it is also a very small percentage who are the absolute naysayers whom I do not think we will ever be able to convince. If you look at the statistics, from Pfizer’s vaccine in the first place, there have already been millions of vaccines worldwide and there have been fewer I think than 10 allergic reactions, which were also completely controllable and did not cause any substantial problems afterwards. But they’re funny and not different from those of the flu vaccine. And certainly in the face of the enormous benefit that we will have when a large proportion of society is well vaccinated, I do not think the cost-benefit ratio is discussed. I’ll say a big thank you, because I see you well organized. Let’s get started.”

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