Survivor2024: Departure and loss with James and Silver – What will we see tonight

The four candidates for disembarkation from it have now been filled and everyone expects which of the four women to leave St. Dominico. Marilina Vacondi, Eugenia Borla, Anastasia Cherou and Maria Antona to prepare for the duel tonight (07.03.2024). Who won’t continue in Survivor? But before the confrontation between them they should give their best self with their teams claiming the food prize on a difficult battle track, a real challenge for Survivors. The tension is not missing between the benches with a James line setting fire to Silver. The event is internally commented on by the Red Team with Alexis and Savva pointing out the intelligence and perception of James and Fanny… Surivor: Sunday to Thursday at 21:00 on Sky.

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