Survivor: “Kolafos” the companion of Chrysa – “Red players insult her price”

Thymios Orfanidis spoke on the show of Faye Skorda. The companion of Chrysa Hatzigeorgiou from the outbreak against her and Assina Hatzigeorgiou. According to Thymios Orfanidis, Maria Antona and Asimina Hatzigeorgiou left hints about Chrysa’s “relationship” with Fanny in Survivor. “The family of Chrysa, my family and I personally watched Survivor’s red team’s attempt to attempt to spoil the honour, morality, morals and reputation of our man,” pointed out Thymios Orfanidis and completed: An effort that eludes the limits of the game and criticism of its television presence, resulting in a variety of offensive comments about which Chrysa has neither received knowledge, nor can answer to defend herself. ‘Something that will do by any legal means as soon as possible. Please all condemn these obscene innuendo and refrain from characterizations that have nothing to do with Chrysa that we know and trust,” concluded Thymios Orfanidis.

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