Survivor 2024: These are the new teams – Pantelis Giannakakis left

A… shock awaited his players when they were informed before the first immunity race of the new week that George Lianos was waiting for them for an emergency council. But what they were about to announce, they probably didn’t expect. Pantelis Giannakakis voluntarily left Survivor was the smallest… shock. But from this began Survivor’s host to shoot after the… “bomb”: the teams change and former “enemies” will now be teammates. Like Fanis Bolettis with Katerina Dalakas and Asimina Hatzianderou for example… “We are all here except Pantelis Giannakakis for whom I must inform you of the following: After several injuries he acquired in his short stay here on the island, with his own will and the agreement of production, because you understand that health issues are above all, above and beyond the game, Pantelis proceeded to voluntary departure from Survivor. So we’re staying here and you’re definitely wondering why we invited you to an emergency meeting. Some of you may have suspected it because the time has come for the year in which we are turning a page,” said George Lianos making… introduction to what is coming. And that was the change of teams! Famous and Fighters cease to exist and now we will only talk about Reds and Blues. George Lianos announced the new teams and wanted to make fun of Katerina Dalaka. Which she probably didn’t appreciate. The new Reds of Survivor, are: George Gülekas, Katerina Dalaka, Fanis Bolettis, Giannis Milpataris, Christoforos Taxidis, Assina Hatziandreou, Alexis Pappas, Ioanna Tzavela, Anastasia Tserou, Ira Antomatite, Nikos Rikounakis. And the Blues are: George Papacharalambous, Savvas Gentsoglou, Chrysa Hatzigeorgiou, Daniel Nurka, Dora Nicolas, Stavros Chrysaiadis, Theodore Tourkogeorgos, James Kafetzis, Eugenia Borla and Marilina Vacondi. Survivor: Sunday to Thursday at 21:00 on Sky.