Survivor 2024: Player relationships are tested – What we will see tonight

The second immunity event with the new composition of the teams comes tonight (11.03.2024, 21:00) in . The island’s extraordinary Council brought great twists with the recommendation of the two Survivor teams changing drastically! The two groups were now renamed ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’: Reds : Aira Adomaityte, George Gioulekas, Katerina Dalakas, Fanis Bolettis, Alexis Pappas, Giannis Milpataris, Nikos Rikounakis, Christoforos Taxidis, Ioanna Tzavela, Anastasia Tseros, Asimina Hatziandreou. Blue : Marilina Vacondiou, Savvas Gentsoglou, James Kafetzis, Eugenia Borla, Dora Nikolis, Daniel Nourka, George Papacharalambos, Stamatis Taladianos, Theodore Tourkogeorgos, Chrysa Hatzigeorgiou, Stavros Chrysaides. The defeat of the Blues in the first immunity event of the week brought Eugenia as the first candidate. The more the days pass, the more the challenge indicator of the battle track increases. Tonight’s track seems to make the two teams particularly difficult and the race evolves into derby. How affected have player relationships been since the changes in the two teams? What name will the ballot box get as a second candidate for withdrawal? Survivor: Sunday to Thursday at 21:00 on Sky.