Survivor 2024: Maria Antona left – James and Silver were taken

A fight, a prize and a departure “marked” in his last episode for this week. Or, she took her torch and left. The departure was a woman’s case anyway. The candidates were Marilina Vacondi, Eugenia Borla, Anastasia Cherou and Maria Antona who automatically found in the taco because Katerina Dalaka and Asmina Hatziandreou could not be voted. The famous presenter seems to have been tired and had a feeling that her days in St. Dominico were on their way to their end. And before the match, she revealed that every day she is more disappointed. “Very important for a man who enters a duel position to be able to regain his powers and psychology,” Of course, every day, I go more and more disappointed in the battle track. I know Alexis has hit his eye too hard, so I don’t know if he’s going to be able to fight. Savvas has been out for a long time, and so has Silver. Katerina says she wants to play, but she has some stomach disorders. Now, with what psychology do you go when a third of the team is missing? It’s a little weird because there’s enough responsibility for you. Responsibility for the result and more stress. So we can talk and say “okay, we go more relaxed thinking we won’t win”, but that’s not the case for me,” said the presenter. With the above absences given, the Famous had no luck and this time they were defeated in the food prize. Who was marked by the fight they had James Caffetzis and Asimina Hatziandreou after his end, with the two exchanging heavy words. “Silver, if you want to be You have to be honest and competitive at some point! Caterina was about to come out and answer me. As he came out the other day with the MVP and said ‘ I didn’t want to give Marilina or Ira and I gave a middle player. If Elena is worth it, she will beat her.” And unfortunately he lost” James Caffetzis stressed with the celebrity player responding furiously. “How contentious you are is what people see! How contentious and how bad you are, people see it. The conversation you just said shows how contentious and how bad you are. Because you judge a man in his period by hand like that. That’s all I want to tell you and nothing else. How bad you look from what you say. You’ve won a food prize, you’re going to enjoy it with your team, we’re in a very bad situation and I find you very, very content by telling me whether I’m a good player or not,” he said. The departure Marilina Vacondi, Eugenia Borla, Anastasia Cheru and Maria Antona appeared with the torches in hand ready to duel for a place in Survivor. Based on their statistics, Anastasia Cheru chose the target and faced Joanna Borla and Maria Antona Marilina Vacondi. Anastasia Tserou had no difficulty in winning 4-0 of Joanna Borla, while after a match – thriller, Maria Antona was defeated 4-3 by Marilina Vacondi. Thus, the final match was between her and Joanna Borla, who managed to prevail 4-2 and send Maria Antona back to Greece. “I feel very well, very full and I am very happy to experience this experience,” said Maria Antona, who failed to hold back her tears for her departure. After wishing to win the Survivor, her friend, Assina Hatzianderou, took her torch, greeted teammates and opponents and began her journey back to Greece. Survivor: Sunday to Thursday at 21:00 on Sky.