Survivor 2024: Ira Antomite third candidate for departure

The Reds were the ones who were defeated in the third immunity race and had to get the new candidate out of . And that was Ira Antomite. After the second defeat of the Blues and the vote that he nominated Chrysa Hatzigeorgiou (after Eugenia Borla), the duel for the stay in Survivor would be a women’s case. So, any team losing in tonight’s (12.03.2024) race would get a female candidate. Before the immunity struggle, however, there was tension between the two teams again, with Alexis Pappas abandoning them. Blue because they voted for Chrysa Hatzigeorgiou and not Marilina Vacondi. Red player tried to turn his opponents upside down with Daniel Nurka trying to answer him. Earlier, Pappas in an interview with Survivor’s camera had implied that there was a romance in the game! “What I believe is that along with Chrysa, others were sad. Maybe it’s not just about the blue team, it’s about red. I saw some people who took it just as hard as Chrysa. No matter how much Chrysa showed she doesn’t mind, I think she’s upset because she’s coming one step closer to leaving. In this departure he must part with some players with whom he is accustomed to having a good time. These players are also on the red team. These players so far have not shown how close they have come to Chrysa. And when I say close, I don’t mean just the friendly part. There may be something more we haven’t seen yet,” Alexis Pappas said. Before the third immunity struggle began, there was tension with Stamatis Taladianos, who was in the sight of Fanny Bolettis, who accused him that in the previous immunity struggle he did not fire on Chrysa and that is why the Blues lost. The tension rose, while after the match the Blue player broke out against his former teammates. “They turn around and say I’m obsessed. What’s my obsession with six people? They’re obsessed with me and what I do. Every day I get blamed for a lot of things. I was accused of never being targeted, having nightmares about their faces. I don’t understand what they want and why they’re so obsessed with me. They sleep at night and dream we’re going to attack Stamatis? I’m being attacked by four people and I’m defending… The reason they’re attacking me is because what I see is because I say it. I’m not afraid to talk and say injustice. He annoys them and spoils their plans,” he said. Even Stavros Chrysavia seems to have thought that to some extent her teammate was right. As far as the immunity struggle is concerned, the Blues made the overturn and managed to win. Fately, the Reds were invited to make the difficult decision and sent to tacos as a third Aira Adomaityte candidate. “It is up to me to remain,” said Red player after announcing her candidacy. The fourth immunity race will reveal the name of the 4th candidate who will claim her stay at Survivor. Survivor: Sunday to Thursday at 21:00 on Sky.