Survivor 2024: Friends became “enemies” – Eugenia Borla first candidate

The change of teams and the separation of players that until… yesterday were “buddy” brought not only a change of balance to but also… grumbles. Because now that they’re across the street, behavior changed and people didn’t like it. The new episode started with shock for the players after apart from Pantelis Giannakakis’ departure, George Lianos announced that Survivor’s teams are changing. Famous and Fighters no longer exist, there are only Reds and Blues. With their new compositions, the two teams gave the first immunity race of the next week. And there the tension was over, ex-boyfriends were misunderstood, and Stamatist Taladian… scared everyone… Blue player had a rough fall and hit the platform, falling into the water. George Lianos signaled a break and players from the two teams rushed to the Blue player. “My breath was completely cut off,” Taladian said, with his teammates and “opposed” Assina Hatzianderou asking him if he can take the right breath. “Stop, you’re hurt! Go to the doctor! You are here at the neck red,” Joanna told him with Silver to add that “it is the carotid, go! It’s the carotid”. “ Go to the doctor! Your carotid has become purple,” Marilina also shouted to Stamatis, who left the wet combat track in order to receive the first help from Survivor’s medical staff. “Stamatis had a bad fall, fortunately without consequences,” George Lianos then stressed, with the struggle continuing. Taladian played with his former teammate, George Guleka, who had a moment of tension with Stavroula Chrysaia, who was so upset that she left for a game off the track and, as she said, was persuaded by James Caffetzis to return to the race. The two teams went point point but in the end the Reds managed to reach 12 wins and win both immunity and food prizes. In the Council of the island, tension was again present, with players arguing both about what happened during the immunity struggle and more generally. The Blues decided to run for Eugenia Borla, who unwittingly accepted her nomination. “I have improved but not enough, all good,” he said. In the next immunity race it will be judged whether the duel will be a woman’s or a male case. Survivor: Sunday to Thursday at 21:00 on Sky.

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