Survivor 2024: Anastasia Cheru – won but the Blues argued

The Famous, with Asimina Hatziandreou and Katerina Dalaka not fighting, were defeated in the third immunity race but those who monopolized his Council were the Blues. The division in the Survivor Fighters team is given, with players fighting both on the beach and in front of their opponents, on the Council. Central persons James Caffetzis, who gathers in his face the complaints of many, but also Giannis walkataris, whose behavior causes tensions and irritation. He insulted Stamatis and I was called a predator, Ira said about John Walkataris, while in another conversation Marilina Vacondi said of James Kafetzis that he is a reality player and entered Survivor to divide the Fighters. Despite their division, however, the Blues managed to win 10-8 of the Celebrity, which for another immunity match played without Assemina, Dalaka and Savva Genchoglu and thus after Eugenia they had to get another player candidate. And with the Dalaka, Hatziandreou wounded, there were not many options. The Reds chose not to throw Maria Antona to the taco and nominated Anastasia Cheru with 8–3 votes. The celebrity player “paid” and her blunder, when while having a lead, forgot the totem and had to return, wasting time and fate the point. “On my speed I forgot the totem, I didn’t listen to the kids. I cried from my disappointment. I had taken a good lead, it would have had a little advantage ahead until Joanna came but I screwed up,” Anastasia said immediately after the third immunity race ended. After the vote, the player said: “I expected this result, we had discussed it with the children. I’m very conscious, it’s not a pleasant process for anyone. I thank the Blue Group children for their kind words. It wouldn’t be fair for Maria to go to a third series duel. I hope I will go and return a winner.” Survivor: Sunday to Thursday at 21:00 on SKai.