Survival guide for your skin in the cold days of winter

I don’t blame anybody else, it’s my fault that I insisted that I want to feel…
a winter of genuine, full-blown, with the cold and all. This freezing cold that eats your skin, makes you feel at least that you are in Alaska. Somewhere in here I regret that I wished for a very cold winter and I’m changing my wish to a tropical, warm Christmas, is it? Until they get a place of my prayers, we ought to do whatever best we can for our skin. Following are 5 tips to deal with the cold as bloodlessly as possible!
1. With soft hot tubs. Judging by me, the hot bath is one of the greatest pleasures in this life. But, the point is that the very hot water removes the skin’s “protective” oils, which we need, and more. Tip: you better do lukewarm baths – it’s true, I say this with pain of the heart.
2. Don’t overdo the hydration. You can easily lose control of this, especially the face and hands. Just remember that the cream will not be a magic way more useful and effective if you can finish a whole package every time you decide to hydrate. Barely the many creams and this mania for υπερενυδάτωση, harming our skin. Put at regular intervals, but don’t put a large amount each time.
3. To use aloe vera. Miracle plant, I can’t say. Your skin becomes very hard because of the cold and wind, so put a little aloe on those controversial points. You’ll see that you’ll be relieved in a minute!
4. We need the lip balm every minute of it! To use it, even when you think you don’t need it. Don’t expect me to be your lips in a very bad way to put some of the lip balm, put out, good for you!
5. Eat salmon. Even if you don’t like it! Well, that’s good! The lipids it contains are a “barrier” that maintains the hydration of our body in satisfactory levels. I hope your lunch is this tomorrow, since it’s for a good cause!