Super Tuesday’s surprise: The completely unknown opponent who defeated Joe Biden

His name is Jason. Palmer and despite being unknown to the general public he managed and won him in the intra-party election, at least in the small American area. Although Joe Biden “sweeped” all the states where votes were held for the Democratic candidate to appear in the presidential election yesterday “Super Tuesday”, a… poor and only area resisted him: the American Samoa, the Pacific archipelago, chose instead of this totally unknown contender of the Jason Palmer nomination. By statistical projections and forecasts of American media, the businessman, with 51 votes, against 40 of President Biden, won the six delegates at the party conference at stake. “At last, something special and unexpected this indifferent Super Tuesday”, commented Virginia University politician Larry Sabato via X (former Twitter). I have no idea who he is,” he filled in, referring to Jason Palmer. Because of its status, namely that it is an area and not a state, the approximately 40,000 residents in American Samoa have no right to vote in the presidential election. The Republican internal party vote in Samoa will take place the day after Friday. After Washington and Vermont, this may be one of the last opportunities to be presented to Nikki Haley to defeat Donald Trump.

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