Super Tuesday: Donald Trump swept – No rival Joe Biden

and dominated Super Tuesday in the vast majority of intra-party elections in the US states. Donald Trump now prevails in the 12 out of 15 states where internal Republican votes were held to promote the candidate or candidate of the party in the November presidential election, in the context of “Super Tuesday”, by newer estimates and statistical projections of American media. At the same time unopposed Joe Biden is expected to win all states. The former president, according to their calculations, won in Virginia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Maine, Arkanso, Alabama, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Colorado his only opponent now in the race, Nikki Haley, former ambassador of his government to the UN. He is also shown a winner in Texas, a major state of the American South, and California. These are the two most populous American states. “It was a great night, an incredible day,” the tycoon told supporters at his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. Haley’s opponent however deprived him of his sweep, the ultimate win (15/15), as he is estimated to have won in the state of Vermont, a sparsely populated area on the border with Canada. “Super Tuesday” is a crucial showdown in every election period in the US, as votes are held in 15 states and an area (the American Samoa) to promote the candidates of the two major parties in the presidential election. Millions of Americans voted yesterday in the proceedings of their factions ahead of the 5 November presidential election. No rival Joe Biden On the other side, the Democrats, President Joe Biden, 81, claiming the nomination of his party practically without having a true opponent, is expected to win in all 15 states. The nominations of his opponents, political Dean Phillips from Minnesota and author Marian Williamson, never caused much enthusiasm, despite continued criticisms of the late age of the president, or his continued support for Israel in the war with Hamas, despite the humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip. As a given, he has so far emerged as a winner in the proceedings in 13 states and Iowa, where the vote has become official in recent weeks.

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