Sugar παρφουμαρισμένη” home

It’s one of the tricks that can change the appearance of even the most simple cake, to upgrade the taste… and more “flat” dessert. The flavored sugar is simple to manufacture and is maintained for a long time. At this time we do it with scrapings from unwaxed citrus fruits. How? As follows: Put in a bowl sugar, common (not sugar) and add zest from orange, tangerine, lemon or -my personal favorite – bergamot (found even in farmers markets, but the other day I found it and (AB). Rub the sugar with the palms of our hands in order to mix well the sugar with the zest and to absorb part of the aromatic oils. The intensity of the fragrance the we adjust according to our taste – the more zest we put on, the more intense the fragrance. The sugar we save it in a jar with a lid. With this garnish cakes, fruit tarts, creams and puddings, pizzas, chocolate, fudge and brownies… We can also replace the sugar that we put on the surface of the cream μπρυλέ us!