Suck it and changes colour – What is it? The news that causes reactions

    Varied reactions it causes in the news
    that company’s ice cream created a flavor of ice cream changes color when you give it a try!
    The reason for the ice cream…
    -“chameleon” who disturbs the water, drawing the attention of the unsuspecting consumers.
    According to the Daily Mail, the creator of this ice cream is a 37 year old physicist from Spain who argues that once consumers are licking the ice cream that changes color. In particular, from a bright blue turns to purple.
    The name of the author is Manuel Linares and she says the recipe is based on natural ingredients but I have to remain a secret. The Spanish physicist working as a professional chef and uses the knowledge of the physics and gastronomy.
    The MailOnline writes that the Spaniard was inspired by the British inventor and creator of the ice cream that glows.