Strong background and tough negotiations


    Telephone communications, closed meetings and statements by leaders of the EU, focusing on Greece describing the “fever” of talks in Brussels.

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    Europe’s economy, the troubles with Greece and the euro and relations with Europe’s neighbors in the East and the Arab world are at the top of the EU’s agenda as eurocrats in Brussels return from their summer break and get back to work. The European Commission held a two-day seminar this week at the Africa museum in Brussels to kick-start their activities. President Jose Manuel Barroso is confident that Europe can overcome its problems. Frictions between member states over the Greek rescue package that was reached in July will continue to flare up during the coming weeks. Barroso’s commission will play a key role when it comes to ensuring that this Greek package is implemented. The weeks ahead will show many more important meetings at an EU level. Poland will host a number of key ministerial meetings, and the European Parliament has 2 plenary sessions scheduled in Strasbourg. Video Rating: 1 / 5

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