… Street historic vehicles for the Battle of Crete

    A stunning parade of historic vehicles was held today in the municipality of Platanias on the occasion of the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Crete…
    It is a parade of Dance Clubs and Groups in the Prefecture of Chania, organized by the municipality of Platanias, with a view to pay homage to the people who gave their lives to defend ideals, such as freedom and the Homeland.
    The Dancing Clubs and Groups paraded in accordance with the date of the foundation, followed by the historical vehicles of the Association for the Conservation of Historic Vehicles (ΣΔΙΟ) .
    A brief reference to the events of the era was made by the philologist mrs Eleni Μαναρώλη and then mrs. Sugar Σημανδηράκη partner of the General State Archives gave a brief report for each club separately .
    The parade that was attended by many visitors that attend this period in our Municipality ,where are the best ambassadors to convey to their countries the message that the place, despite all the difficulties and the gloomy economic situation that unjustly has been imposed on it, standing on his feet, spreading fixed the values of freedom and culture.
    The mayor of Platanias, mr. John Μαλανδράκης in a statement, noted that “we took this initiative in the context of parallel events for the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Crete and on the occasion of his visit in Crete, not only of veterans, but also of many missions, visitors and members of the families of veterans in order through the great cultural heritage that we have, in this way to highlight how our cultural tradition is involved, and in the history of our country. So, we have the pleasure to host all the Associations of our Municipality, and the Prefecture, in order to highlight the history and tradition together”
    The deputy Mayor of Platanias, mr. Nikolaos Daskalakis in his brief address mentioned that we hope that this is the start of a large institution who will be joining the voices of many people from different parts of Crete, of Greece and of the World, the culture, the tradition, and not with the weapons will defend the peace and freedom of peoples ,and finally thanked particularly the dancing associations and Groups, the Association for the Conservation of Historic Vehicles of Crete (ΣΔΙΟΚ), the Cultural Association of the Village and all those who helped to come to an end and to make a success of this important project.