Stopped the vaccination program for the Prefecture of Thessaloniki GOAT, so look out for the MELITAIOS FEVER!

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(Title) stop payments declared by the Prefecture of Thessaloniki in the program of vaccination of sheep for the Malta fever because there is no money to move the vet. While lurking and Salmonella, and not controlled nor farms nor food establishments. In other words, the Veterinary Directorate of the Prefecture poorly with what it means to public health.
The problem arose because of the cuts imposed by the Government in the stability program, which, in the case of veterinarians provides a reduction of salary by 30% and cut away allowances.
Until a month ago the vets had their cars for travel to local farms, but to unravel the salary cut and the slightest incentive to continue the process until now. “It’s sad to endanger public health for a negligible cost, which undercuts the government, without calculating the consequences,” says the “MTK” the Head of the Animal Health Veterinary Directorate of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki Evangelos Treflopoulos and adds: “The problem is not only for immunization of sheep, which should be completed by July 10 but also in other diseases such as salmonella and Bluetongue, and stopped everywhere checks and vaccinations. Moreover, the problem is not only the prefecture of Thessaloniki, but the whole country “.

” In fact, the last time the program was interrupted, “confirms the” MTK “the Deputy Prefect Thessaloniki Rural Development Anthi Porfyriadou and adds that” until June 19 will stop all over the county vaccinations. She informs us that the county repeatedly contacted the Ministry of Rural Development to continue funding the program, but without response.
The prefecture of Thessaloniki has only two cars for the movement of veterinarians are not enough. “Until now we used our own cars, but this can not continue after cuts in our wages,” states Mr. Treflopoulos.
With the new data cap on the movement of veterinarians per year is limited to 60 days in year from 120 days in force before the action. At the same time veterinarians on offshore work, compensated by seven euros a day. “Even this small amount of our cut”, says Mr Treflopoulos.

As we informed Mr. Treflopoulos on meetings he had with the industry leadership of the Ministry of Rural Development Minister Katerina Batzeli understand the problem, so I proposed an amendment to restore the previous regime. “But the snag on the Treasury and, as seen from the statements of Secretary of State Philip Sahinidis not be resolved. It is indeed very sad for a low cost risk to public health, “notes Mr. Treflopoulos again, adding that the missing checks and vaccinations to livestock conflict with EU directives. “It is no exaggeration to say that there is a high risk of a fine in our country and at worst be banned exports of livestock products”.

Because of the cuts, even the two official cars of the prefecture, which could carry the vets on farms remain stationary because there is no money for petrol. This means that thousands of animals are not vaccinated for the virus of the count (which causes Malta fever) and will be slaughtered if the disease. On the other hand, is an imminent risk to transmit disease to humans who come into contact with sick animals and those who consume infected meat and its derivatives.
Vaccination for animals for breeding. It emphasizes the “MTK” the farmer Koulousidis K., “if not vaccinated animals, then there will be a big problem if you become ill. It should be slaughtered, which means a great loss of livestock and general risk to public health “.

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