STILL ONE OF DECEASED PALAISTINIOS Fire Israeli soldiers on the southern border STRIP

    McKinley “Protection and Plenty” Glass Portrait Plate, ca. 1896 Politics
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    (Title) A Palestinian found today in the shooting death by Israeli soldiers on the border with the Gaza Strip, after an exchange of gunfire in which a slightly wounded soldiers, said the Israeli army .
    In the military communiqué stressed that a patrol identified Palestinian militants to place explosive engineer near the security fence in southern Gaza.
    «The patrol opened fire on the suspects, and one militant was killed” Israeli spokesman says.
    The militants argue that during the exchange of fire a grenade fired by the Israelis.
    Palestinian residents near the town of Khan Yunis reported that fire were heard in the area and stated that after one episode man been missing, but so far has not found the corpse.

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    Election November 5, 1872: Liberal Ticket Politics
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    Richard Dawkins on Australian Q & A panel, March 8th 2010.

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