Stemnitsa, the beautiful village that was once an informal capital of Greece

Each Greek village has its own special history once more and once less known. Some of these villages played a decisive role during the Greek revolution and also in the course of the newly formed Greek state. One of them is a beautiful Greek village which once constituted the informal capital of the Greek state. It is located 200 kilometers from Athens and is in Peloponnese. The reason for Stemnitsa. In addition to a journey in history, you will relax in a place with unique beauty drowned in the green. It’s worth a three-day there to fill batteries for the entire month. Stemnitsa is a village that is well known but not too touristic. Which means you’ll find accommodations for your stay the way you want but you won’t meet too many people while you’re there. Stone mansions, picturesque alleys and green landscapes compose the setting you will encounter. Residents are particularly hospitable and will help you get to know the area of Arcadia beyond Stemnitsa. What many do not know is that this Greek village once constituted the informal capital of Greece. During the years of the Revolution, Stemnitsa was very closely associated with one of the largest figures of the race, Theodore Kolokotronis. .