Stelios Roccos did not want to answer for his brother’s death: Don’t ask me that question again.

“I don’t feel like I’m going back to music, because I never left,” said Stelios Rokkos talked to entertainment reporters about his collaboration with Stamatis Genidis, but also about Marina Satti. The well-known singer, however, did not want to accept any questions about the loss of his brother. “I don’t feel like going back to music, because I never left. I return from Thessaloniki after a successful season with Dionysis Schina. I’m coming to work with a great singer, Stamatis Genidis. I am so happy to sing in this space that I don’t want you to ask me such a question again, thank you very much,” Stelios Rokos said initially. Stelios Rokos then said: “If they were proper company and the corresponding money, I would gladly sit in the chair of the judge of a talent show. The satire does not fit into the lyrics of the songs because now we are in a “junta” that is forbidden to say anything not misunderstood by Adonis Georgiades. We here will not say anything that will cause Portalte to be disturbed.” For Marina Satti and Eurovision, Stelios Roccos replied: “She’s an incredible girl, talented. I haven’t heard the song. They should be forced to go with a Greek song to Eurovision. I don’t fit in Eurovision anymore. It’s a party involving younger generations. I have never been proposed to me for Eurovision.”