Stelios Cretanos: I’ve made the clown to survive, so I started.

‘ This man didn’t even want to hear my name,” said . On Happy Day and Olga Lafasani spoke Stelios Cretan and among other things referred to the bullying he has received from a well-known director and actor. “I accepted bullying at an old age, 40 and… In an audition I went up on stage, sang, heard the worst a man could hear, played, heard the worst criticism an actor could hear. This man didn’t even want to see me or hear my name. The producer had seen me and told me I definitely want you to be in the show. He reports it to the director and says everyone should audition. I go up to the stage and I hear one after another… I felt sorry for him, he was too young in front of me. For most people he is a huge director and actor. To me he is nothing”, confessed Stelios Cretan. “I have made the clown to survive. So I started playing clown at a kid’s party and the parents saw it and they told me you’d come… In theatre I have done all the work, detachment, distributing leaflets, I have made sound, lights, everything to end up on stage,” said Stelios Cretanos.

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