Stefanos Kasselakis: Koukouphoros tried to hit him at the rally against the homophobic attack in Thessaloniki

Koukouphores who participated in a gathering of LGBTKI against the homophobic attack against two transgender individuals in Thessaloniki, condemned the president of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance, while attending the Documentary Festival hosted in the cinema “Olympion”. In particular, a group of anti-authorities arrived at the entrance of “Olympion” in the center of Thessaloniki and disapproved of Stefanos Kasselakis with the president of SYRIZA in time to enter the cinema. His hooded men called him a “trash” and called him a “repressor”. A few minutes later, the same group of hoods attacked the police officer who was at the entrance to the cinema. Specifically, one of them hit him in the face with the helmet he was holding. A little while ago another group of anti-authoritarians arrived and despite the existence of the police threw bottles into the windows of the “Olympion”.