Stefanos Kasselakis is looking for ways to enter Parliament – the prevailing scenarios

It is confirmed day after day that the script that wants its president, to examine the ways in which he could enter the Greek Parliament at least before the four-year period is exhausted. Yesterday SYRIZA’s spokesperson, Voula Kehaya, left open the issue of the entry of Stefanos Kasselakis into Parliament, and when asked about it she responded in a diplomatic manner: “Mr. Kasselakis does not seek a way to enter Parliament. In other words, he makes no move, does not discuss with any MP from the State ballot, who could “move the strings” and do his job, as he knows to do, as President of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance and as Leader of the main opposition,” Vula Kehaya said, however: “The other is another debate, at the same time, i.e. if the situation so brings them and there is a resignation or something else that could launch a scenario of Mr. Kasselakis entering the Parliament. I understand from Mr Otto Iliopoulos’ statements that he has a special workload. Based on his statements he said at some point maybe, maybe I’ll judge what I’ll get and what I’ll leave. From this, however, until we discuss how Mr. Kasselakis is looking for ways to enter the House there is a distance.” The scripts began during the last period from the information that SYRIZA Member of State Otto Iliopoulos wanted to consider his resignation from the House due to a workload. However, even if the first Member of the ballot resigns, five other MPs, apart from Evangelos Apostolakis and Elena Acrita, should follow the same path, given that Stefanos Kasselakis is ninth in a row. However, after Evangelos Apostolakis follows the former representative of SYRIZA, Popi Tsapanidou and the director of the Office of Alexis Tsipras, Michael Kalogeros. No one at least for the time can assure that these two executives will resign as when they were on the ballot there was no such agreement. The second scenario that is heard, but has no luck, wants Otto Iliopoulos to replace Stefanos Kasselakis thus covering the position of a Greek MP. This possibility is rather weak, as no such prospect arises from anywhere. The Member of State Otto Iliopoulos, however, appears to discuss the possibility of resignation, as the Member of State and professor at Harvard may be invited to choose between his profession and politics, since the American university is trying to “steak” its people. Otto Iliopoulos in his statements, after making it clear that Stefanos Kasselakis has not pressured him to resign, said that: “My system is overextended. I’ve been running a clinic, running a lab, having too much clinical success lately, working with the alumni too, trying to be in Parliament and coming and going. There is a workload, I think that at some point inevitably will create the question of what I keep and as time passes I participate in some way more in executive functions within Syriza.”