Stefanos Kasselakis: Fractional episode against him in the concentration against the homophobic attack in Thessaloniki

Four hooded men who participated in a LGBTQ gathering against the homophobic attack against two transgender individuals in Thessaloniki, disapproved of the president of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance, while attending the Documentary Festival hosted in the cinema “Olympion”. In particular, a group of anti-authorities arrived at the entrance of “Olympion” in the center of Thessaloniki and disapproved of Stefanos Kasselakis with the president of SYRIZA in time to enter the cinema. A few minutes later, the same group of hoods attacked the police officer who was at the entrance to the cinema. Specifically, one of them hit him in the face with the helmet he was holding. Another group of anti-authoritarians also arrived and despite the existence of the police threw bottles into the windows of the “Olympion”. Earlier, during the protest by members of the LGBTKI community about Saturday’s transphobic – homophobic attack (09.03.2024), a group of about 30 – 40 people in the far right space, tried to approach the site and moved against the protesters. The LGBTKI members’ demonstration was underway in Aristotle Square, when the assembled perceived the presence of a far-right group. With the assistance of people in the anti-authoritarian area, they were repelled to the narrows of the square, while police have moved on to imports. In the protest against the transphobic attack on two transgenders, he dominated the message “We exist”. With banners and signs, LGBTQ community members condemned homophobia, fascism and discrimination. It is recalled that late Saturday night, a group of young people in Aristotle Square verbally attacked two young people, members of the LGBTKY community. The victims, afraid for their safety, took refuge in a restaurant.