Statement by the representative of the PAY for the positions Mitsotakis – Κουμουτσακου on the decision of the ευρογρουπ

“The leadership of the SOUTHWEST, as well as some other political forces have played the change to not…
close the assessment, could not be agreed or imposed in Greece, additional precautionary measures. O ultimate goal was evident and it was none other than the fall of the government SYRIZA-ANEL.
But the pursuits of mr. Mitsotakis and all those who have supported me furious manner, fell on deaf ears. Their expectations proved to be false. And now that they realize that they don’t come in, they can’t articulate a single argument decent.
With the agreement on the debt, our country will quickly return to growth and the Greek people will take a deep breath. Admitted, it is with a heavy heart of course, even the partner of Samaras, Venizelos…”.

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