Starting with Evros Grecotel travels to the kitchens of the world

Demonstration of gastronomy and local producers as part of the educational program “Grecotel Academy – Culinary 2024”. In the exact Evros, Grecotel performed the educational program “Grecotel Academy – Culinary 2024” highlighting the wealth of the primary sector, as well as its decisive role in the quality and creative development of gastronomy. The connection with local society, the strengthening of local producers and the continuous development of its potential skills, are key pillars of Grecotel’s vision, presented in practice in a special event that took place at Astir & Egnatia hotels in Alexandroupolis. The hotels were awarded in 2023 by readers of the leading international travel magazine Conde Nast Traveller, gaining a high position in the top 10 of the best hotels in Greece. The public recognizes the quality of hospitality, excellent services, authenticity and warmth of the people of Evros. As part of the educational program “Grecotel Academy – Culinary 2024”, led by the executive chef of Sakis Tzanetto Group and Giannis Kounalakis, 70 chefs, sous chefs and cooks curated more than 200 dishes based on traditional Greek cuisines and presented at the reception organized at the end of the event and honored with their presence the religious, military and political authorities of the place. The team of chefs, sous chefs & cooks who participated in the Grecotel Academy – Culinary 2024. Tastes that highlight the individual characteristics of each place, emphasize the products of local producers and reflect the value Grecotel places on gastronomy as a key factor in tourist development. Believing in the philosophy of its founder, Nikos Daskalantonakis, Grecotel has been a pioneer in connecting hotels with local production producing a wide variety of agricultural products with crops in each hotel and featuring fine products through permanent partnerships with local producers. Implementing his vision of linking tourism to organic agricultural production, Nikos Daskalantonakis created the standard farm Agreco in Rethymno, where all traditional techniques of Crete revive and offers the authentic taste of the Cretan diet. The Executive Chef of the Group, Mr. Sakis Zanettos. The Executive Chef of the Group, Mr. Giannis Kounalakis. The emergence of Evros as a culinary destination is a strategic decision of the Grecotel Group, which, with the presence and action for more than 20 years, has contributed decisively to the development of the region. In turn, the Municipality of Alexandroupolis has honored Nikos Daskalantonakis, declaring him an honorary city citizen for his practical long-term contribution to the local community. Grecotel comes once again to strengthen the efforts of the worthy and productive people of Evros, and to illuminate their abilities and products. The event was honoured among others by the Metropolitan of Alexandroupolis etc. Anthimos, the Y, the Minister for Rural Development and Food Mr. Stavros Kelettis, the MP Evros Mr.Tassos Demoschakis, the Regional Governor of Eastern Macedonia – Thrace, Mr. Christodoulos Topsidis, and representatives of military and political authorities, as well as of the business world of Alexandroupolis.

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