Sparta: Wild beating of a woman ex-bodybuilder by her husband

A new shocking incident comes to light, this time by . Victim in the domestic violence incident a woman, a former bodybuilding athlete, who was brutally beaten by her husband in Sparta and describes in MEGA the horror she lived. “With argument one brings another, we all know that. So it happens in every house every day. The point is that it got out of hand as my husband now stood up, caught me over the hair, had a braid, threw me down and started hitting me on the floor.” The victim of savage beating, the mother of a three-year-old boy, was forced to be hospitalized with craniocerebral injuries at Sparta Hospital. “He wanted to go to work at a dinner bar for extra income, which he found me very opposed to. ‘And tell you something? I’m sick of you (A…)” I say to him, ‘‘I really want to break up’. He was hitting me with a man. I remember that very well, which has never been done before… He has laid out a hand before, up to a point”. Due to the brutal beatings by her husband, former bodybuilding athlete suffered concussion and loss of lawsuit She even complains that her husband attempted to drown her. “He tried to drown. How did he try? ‘When I after hitting me I tried to shout for a neighbor to listen to me, at that moment he had both his hands shut down my streets, i.e. nose, mouth’. Despite the brutal beating experienced by the former athlete, who now works as a hotel employee, the trial took for formal reasons a postponement, with her husband being free, having a restraining condition not to approach her.

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